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The Electromagnetics of Consciousness

Over the summer I often read science fiction for pleasure, and a few of the ones I read this time—the Neanderthal Parallax by Robert Sawyer, consisting of the trilogy Hominids, Humans, and Hybrids—were based on some very stimulating ideas.  One of the books that this trilogy was based on was titled Quantum Evolution. This was a general introduction to the nature and origins of life and tells of the subatomic activity that generates enzymatic behavior in certain proteins (e.g. “proton pushing”).  The author, Johnjoe McFadden, claims that, because such activity is subatomic, it’s governed by quantum physics.  The last chapter of this book speaks of human consciousness as a phenomenon of the electromagnetic field generated by our brain’s electrical activity. 

Our conscious electromagnetic field exploits quantum measurement to move particles inside our brain, providing us free will.  Consciousness drives free will. . . Our minds have recaptured the same quantum evolutionary process that propelled life from its origins and drove the evolution of living organisms toward increasing complexity. (p. 314)

Sawyer also mentions a second book, written and published independently (and synchronistically), which has as its thesis that “consciousness is identical with certain spatiotemporal patterns in the electromagnetic field” (Susan Pockett, The Nature of Consciousness:  A Hypothesis, p. VI.).

  My interest in this is obvious given the focus of my theory of “energonomics,” which draws our attention to managing energy flows wherever they occur—whether in the economy or in our mind-brain-body.


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