Wandering into Second Life

19 October 2006 at 10:03 pm Leave a comment

Back on October 5th, I created a character in Second Life, an online virtual world or “participatory social network” as they are saying these days.  (I am Abaris Brautigan “in world,” by the way).  I was encouraged to do so by John Craig Freeman, a professor of new media studies at Emerson College.  I did a collaboration with Craig four years ago in which he included me in his “Imaging Place” project (scroll down to the bottom and click the movie link to see me in action!), and he’s been adding his work into Second Life.  As a result of this invitation, my interest in my scholarly work has been resurrected, and I’ve been revisiting the work of my dissertation director and mentor Gregory L. Ulmer.  This is the work that I had wandered away from after being cut loose from the academy. 

Now that I have stumbled into Second Life, I feel like the very relevant work that I did in my dissertation (which in the general sense was developing a method of information storage and retrieval in the 3-D writing space of hypertext) can now offer some direction in terms of figuring out how to store information in Second Life.  I am very excited to return to these ideas and hope that I can contribute in some way to the revolution in communications technology that we are experiencing right now.

I will create a new category called “electracy” to indicate posts that involve my work with the theories and ideas of Greg Ulmer, who invented this term to capture the major shift in cultural evolution away from alphabetic and print literacy to this third phase (orality and literacy being the first two). For a general introduction, read my article at Wikipedia on Electracy.


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Mirror Neurons: A Mechanism for Memetic Transference Social Intelligence

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