The “Raw Creative Energy” of Kerouac

29 July 2007 at 7:34 pm Leave a comment

While at the Lowell Folk Festival today, I visited the display of Kerouac’s scroll of On the Road.  One of the museum display placques describe his “bop prosody” or “wild form” in which “terms collapse the distance between raw creative energy and the finished work of art.”  A bulletin board invited us to write a message about how Kerouac has influenced us.  Most wrote little letters to Jack.  Mine said the following:

Jack! You’re still burning bright in all those inspired and ignited by your work. Energenesis:  the origin of energy: flow burn flux lava-language: I’m on fire now:  thanks for the light.

I then found a call for submissions for a commemorative anthology to be titled Where the Road Begins, which also asks for “one line on Kerouac’s influence on your work” in addition to your submission.  I wrote the following:


Having read Kerouac’s work at the birth of my writing career, I learned to burn burn burn brightly right from the start and to channel the energy of his life/writing/mystic-sunburst-fire the way metal conducts electricity: energy-flux lava-language neo-spinozist neuron blaze smolder.


Like many who started to write as a teenager, I first encountered Kerouac’s work in high school and was influenced by his high-energy “bop prosody” as well as his exploration of eastern religion; this influence continues to emerge in my writing and thinking 25 years later.

Kerouac was a writer of energonomic proportions…. and has been remembered as such.


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Energenesis: A Philosophy of Creation Channeling the Energy in Our Brains

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